100 %   Made in the USA  Since 1975

     The concept for Positive Putter Company began in the basement of my father, Floyd Bernhardt, as he was working to improve his putting.  His wife, Donna, suggested that he pray about it instead of buying more putters.  So Floyd prayed, "Father, you be my brains and I'll be your hands, and together we can do this."  Soon afterward, Floyd discovered a whole new putting style which he called Side-Saddle.  This long, Side-Saddle putter worked so well, that he applied for and received a U.S. patent.  He named his putter Pendulum, but after praying for a better suited name, it was trademarked as POSITIVE PUTTER.

     With the help of his family, Floyd showcased his invention at golf shows across the country.  God blessed him when he found the industry's best putter manufacturer at the PGA SHOW in Orlando Fl. in 1985.  This man's name was John Green, and his trademark was THE OLD MASTER.  Mr. Green made it possible for the Bernhardts to remain a family-owned business, while selling more than 150,000 putters worldwide. 

     Many things have changed in the golf market since that time.  Positive Putter Co. no longer attends golf shows, and putters are now made one customer at a time. 

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoy your putter.


Mark Bernhardt, Owner-Operator