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Positive Putter ​TM


          100 %   Made in the USA  Since 1975

Putter Head Cover $9.95    

                                $3.95  S&H

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USED Positive Putters

 can be refinished

to look like new.

If you have any questions about ordering  Positive Putter ​TM ​   or having one of your many putters Target-Line Balanced ​TM  please contact me, call or text 

Mark Bernhardt at 317-760-4259

or feel free to simply email me at positiveputter@gmail.com

Thank you sincerely,

Mark Bernhardt

Refinish your Positive Putter

 make it look like new again. 

          Only $50.00 plus 7% Tax $53.50

      PLUS Return Shipping Domestic $25.00 S&H

​Look like new again Total  $78.50