Refinish any Positive Putter and make it look like new again. 

                   Only $49.95 plus $9.95 S&H

$9.95 plus $4.00 S&H


This is one of the many adaptors we use to retrofit Target-Line Balance to your Putter.

Putter Head Cover $9.95    

                                $3.95  S&H

$99.95 Plus $9.95 S&H

C-1  $199.95

plus S&H $9.95     

              POSITIVE  PUTTER  TM


          100 %   Made in the USA  Since 1975

Positive Putter Heads are available any weight from 320 grams to 450 grams.

  However we have made heavier heads for special orders.

 Patent Pending originals were always a little lighter than 320 because that was the feel my father preferred.  



9.95 S&H

If you have any questions about ordering  Positive Putter ​TM ​   or having one of your putters Target-Line Balanced ​TM   please contact Mark Bernhardt at 317-760-4259

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Thank you,

Mark Bernhardt