Putter Head Covers $9.95     $3.95  S&H


You choose your weight from 330 up to 480 grams

     This design is one of our most popular models, available in both right and left-handed.  Available in any weight between 330 up to 480 grams to best fit your desired feel.  Can be set for right or left eye dominate aim and alignment. 

     Because you choose the head weight, we can custom fit the shaft length and flex to work best anywhere from 24 to 57 inches.

Choose your putting style: Chest, Belly, Side-Saddle, or Standard.

     Positive Putter has teamed up with Bob Uebelhor, Bob was voted internationally as best clubmaker and club-fitter by the Professional Clubmaker's Society and the Golf Clubmaker's Association.  He was also awarded  Master of Golf Club Technology by the Association of Golf Club Fitting Professionals.

     Together Bob Uebelhor and Mark Bernhardt have over 70 years of putter manufacturing experience, working directly with the needs of their customers.  These customers include over 200 PGA, LPGA, and Senior PGA professionals.

     We would like to take this opportunity to custom build a putter for you,  or to TARGET-LINE BALANCE one of your own putters, so that you can see for yourself how easy it is to improve your roll and lower your score.

     We will need to know your weight, height, and which is your dominate eye.  Then you choose a head design and your preferred head weight, or let us know the putter you play, and we will make it close to it's weight for you.  Or simply mail us your putter head and information, and save both dollars and strokes!

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  and save both strokes and money.

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List  $299.95



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Plus $9.95  S&H

   If you are interested in ordering a putter or having one Target-Line Balanced for yourself or a friend please contact Mark Bernhardt at 317-244-5902 or contact me by email on our contact page.

Thank you,

Mark Bernhardt